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Coalition Committees

Coalition Committees

The following outlines the Committees/Taskforces deemed necessary by the Executive Committee to carry out the Coalition’s work plan for the current fiscal year. Current members have been assigned based on historical participation.

New members recruited throughout the year will be assigned a committee/taskforce based on assessment of skills and interests.

Executive Committee


  • Manages the work of the full Board by ensuring effective agendas and sound committee work
  • Develops an on-going Board development process to ensure all Board members can actively participate in Board decision-making
  • Oversees the selection and work of the Corporate Attorney
  • Oversees and evaluates the work of the Executive Director
  • Reviews Provider Appeals and Corrective Action Plans on an as-needed basis

Finance Committee


  • Recommends Corporate budget and, when necessary modifications thereto
  • Oversees the efficient use of funds within the approved budget and reports exceptions to the full Board
  • Recommends financial actions to ensure on-going fiscal integrity
  • Advises on match generation and revenue diversification strategies
  • Oversees the selection and work of the Corporate Auditor
  • Evaluates the advisability of a foundation/endowment

Planning and Program Committee


  • Recommends and oversees the implementation of the Corporate Plan and, when necessary, modifications thereto
  • Oversees the design and delivery of quality improvement initiatives
  • Investigates, evaluates and recommends strategies to advance the Board’s long term goals

Nominating Committee


  • Ensures the timely filling of open Board seats
  • Recruits Board leadership


Meet as needed.

Review Hearing Committee


  • Reviews Provider appeals, corrective action plans, and comes to an administrative decision compliant with Florida Law.


Meets as needed.

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