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VPK Information for Providers

2020-2021 VPK Flexible School Year Options

Private and Public School Providers


Flexible, innovative instructional options for delivering the 2020-2021 School Year VPK Program are available as an added feature to in-person instruction, but not a replacement. This flexibility will ensure:

VPK programs are open to enable learning to continue and allow parents to rejoin the workforce.

VPK parents have similar options to those available for K-12 parents, based on the School District’s FDOEapproved Plan for Reopening.

Structure safeguards are in place to encourage and shift families to in-person learning. 

Please keep in mind that in addition to flexible learning options, providers may also delay the start of their VPK programs to meet the needs of their families.



Click below to view flyer from the Florida Office of Early Learning with full details on VPK Flexible Option Provider Eligibility

VPK Information for Providers

VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) is a FREE program available to all four-year-olds who reside in the State of Florida.

For more information on becoming a VPK provider please contact:

Maryanne Miller
Provider Services Manager
Early Learning Coalition of Seminole
280 Hunt Cove Park
Longwood, FL 32750-7567
Tel: 407-960-2473

VPK Teacher’s Guide and Child Portfolio

The Department of Education has created a new teacher resource available to all Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) programs. The “What I Learned in VPK! Teacher’s Guide” and accompanying “Child Portfolio” are designed as a means for programs to communicate with parents about a child’s progress in meeting the VPK Education Standards by the end of the VPK experience. The “Teacher’s Guide” gives valuable information about how a teacher can complete a “Child Portfolio” for each child to give to parents at the end of VPK. These two documents can be viewed and printed using the links below.

VPK Forms/Information for Providers

VPK Provider Attendance Submission Instructions



2022 VPK Instructor Flyer: Learn about Emergent Literacy and Standards Course Requirements



New Director Requirements (2022): Section 1022.55(3)(g), Florida Statute and Rule 6M‐8.610, Florida Administrative Code, now
requires that all VPK directors have a VPK Director Credential or hold a valid certificate in education leadership issued by the Florida Department of Education. Review Your Child Care Training Transcript Today!

Provider Forms are now found in the FORMS FOLDER of the ShareFile Portal. If you have questions about the forms, please contact:

Pam Watson, Database Administrator
Early Learning Coalition of Seminole
280 Hunt Cove Park
Longwood, FL 32750-7567
Tel: 407-960-2487

VPK Teacher Toolkit: Mathematical Thinking Folder

This online resource is appropriate for all VPK teachers/instructors, assistants and directors. This folder will provide resources, instructional strategies, and activities for each of the six areas of Mathematical Thinking outlined in the 2008 VPK Education Standards.

VPK Teacher Toolkit: The Florida VPK Assessment Folder

This online resource is appropriate for all VPK teachers/instructors and directors. General information regarding the VPK Assessment is available as well as resource links and answers to frequently asked questions about this assessment available for optional use.

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